AiR #1, 2015

The video series AiR (#1-3) was taken in my Brooklyn Studio during artist residency at the International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) in February 2015. The title AiR is the abbreviation of Artist in Residence as it can be found on buildings in Soho, and it contemplates air as a draft. On windy days there was a heavy air draft in my studio. It stunned me that every single piece of paper on my desk was shivering and shaking due to the draft from the window. This is how AiR developed. At the same time AiR reflects on the loneliness of the artist with his work in the studio - the reason why I decided to show a version without sound.

AiR #2, 2015

AiR #3, 2015

WeiƟbuch II, 2015, Leporello, Collage

Obacht, 2014, oil,road sign